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Naturopathic Reiki

Reiki is classified as energy medicine because it is used to bring balance, harmony and high vibration to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual condition of those who receive it.  It assists with bringing balance to life and health.  It also balances negative energy which blocks areas and makes the body stagnant.  Reiki reduces and alleviates stress.  It helps rid the body of energetic and physical toxins.  Reiki unblocks and redirects the energy for many ailments and enhances the body’s natural ability to heal.  In addition, it can assist with dissipating negative thinking through mental relaxation.  Reiki provides an opportunity to experience states of mental, physical and emotional peace.  Lastly, Reiki can assist in restoring peace, balance and health to the mind, body and spirit through chakra therapy.

Chakras are cone-shaped energy centers which spin and vibrate within the energy of the body.  There are 7 major chakras throughout the body, which regulate the energy entering and flowing throughout the physical body.  They may “open” or “close” at will based on various factors of everyday living that affect our mental, physical and spiritual state of being.  When our chakras are blocked or closed, it may manifest as fear, imbalance, low self-worth, powerlessness, emotional instability, confusion, frustration, isolation, anxiety and more.  Knowing which of your chakras are opened and/or closed provides you an opportunity to address the manifestations associated with them.  If you seek to restore balance, relieve pain, reduce stress, or any of the feelings noted above, contact Earth Mutther Healing, LLC.

Stepping into Womanhood

We are each born with a purpose and gifts to help us carry out that purpose. Some of us come to know our purpose early in life. Others of us have difficulty understanding why we are here, what we are to do with our lives and how to reach our goals and dreams. In the African tradition, rites of passage and elder guides assist us in recognizing and delivering our genius (reaching our full potential). Most of us, however, have not gone through a rite of passage, nor have had a chosen guide that helps us along our path. Earth Mutther Healing, LLC provides Stepping Into Womanhood guidance to women of African ancestry who are desirous of a guide to assist them as they develop their spiritual, emotional, mental and physical selves. Through scheduled one-on-one sessions and goalsetting, the clouds of confusion can clear, and clarity of purpose can materialize. It is with a “little help from others” that we can share what is inside of us with the rest of the world and reap the benefits of our purpose-filled lives. To learn more about Stepping Into Womanhood guidance service and/or to schedule a consultation, contact Earth Mutther Healing, LLC. *Please note, Stepping Into Womanhood guidance is not mental therapy. Those who are in need of mental therapy should seek a licensed therapist.

A Chat with Earth Mutther

A Chat with Earth Mutther is a one-hour session in a safe and sacred space.  The Chat provides clients an opportunity to speak their truth without judgment or criticism. Clients can discuss a variety of topics that affect their lives and gain clarity and an expanded understanding in the sacred space. 

As a community-certified life guide with a background in psychology, Yalonna Brooks shares knowledge, wisdom and understanding steeped in the culture, tradition and history of people of African ancestry. 

Please note that A Chat with Earth Mutther should not be used as a substitute for counseling, psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, mental health care or substance abuse treatment.  Earth Mutther Healing, LLC will not use the Chat services in place of any form of diagnosis, treatment, or therapy.

Mutther Synergy

Combining a Reiki session with a Chat with Earth Mutther, clients can have their chakras opened and balanced, as well as speak their truth in a safe and sacred space.  Mutther Synergy is designed to address the issues that have led to the client’s blocked chakras, open them and provide suggestions that will assist in managing life in a more balanced manner to maintain peace and alignment within.  Mutther Synergy is becoming one of Earth Mutther Healing’s most popular services.

Holistic Doula Services

Thank you for your interest in Earth Mutther Healing, LLC’s doula services.  It is our goal to provide quality information, support and services to the expectant African mothers who choose to utilize our knowledge, skills and understanding.  With a Life of Peace Wellness Institute certified holistic doula, Earth Mutther Healing, LLC is confident that the birth plan on which you have decided can be carried out to the fullest and best of our ability. Prenatal, labor and post partum support are provided through our doula services.  Focusing on holistic approaches to childbirth, at Earth Mutther Healing, LLC, the whole mother is supported (spiritually, physically, emotionally, and mentally).  From assisting with the construction of a birth plan, placing emphasis on well-balanced nutrition, promoting holistic balance through stress reduction exercises, physical movement, and meditation, to educating the expecting mother/family, providing emotional support and guidance, reflecting on the spiritual aspect of birth, being a support during labor and following up after the birth of the child to ensure all is well, Earth Mutther Healing, LLC’s doulas offer a “healing hand with a mother’s touch” to the mother and family awaiting the arrival of their beautiful blessing.

Receive the additional support you need during your birthing journey and your newborn’s entrance into the world!  To learn more about Earth Mutther Healing, LLC’s Doula Services, contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

What a Doula Is and Does

A doula is a trained supporter who assists pregnant women and their partners with the preparation for birth, labor, and post-partum needs.  A doula nurtures the vision families have for the birth of their child by providing mental, physical, and emotional support.

What a Doula Does Not Do

While the doula provides holistic support to the expecting mother and partner, there are several things that a doula does not do.  A doula does not:

  • Take the place of the father or partner
  • Offer medical advice
  • Make decisions for the clients
  • Direct medical staff
  • Perform medical procedures
  • Deliver babies


As we travel along life’s path, we are often challenged by the day-to-day responsibilities of school, work, and relationships, as well as meeting the needs of those we love. In addition, we may be heavy-laden with feelings of confusion, doubt, fear, inadequacy and more. Often, we become emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically drained attempting to be “someone” to “everyone” while being no one to ourselves. Sometimes we need rest and relaxation to reflect for clarity. Once clear, we can meet the demands of life with assuredness, confidence, and direction. Earth Mutther Healing, LLC’s Getaways offer a quiet, safe refuge to restore oneself holistically. The getaway provide women of African ancestry an opportunity to develop and expand their whole selves through several experiences that feed the spirit, develop the mind, nourish the body, and cultivate character.  Get back to the source of self as you nurture in peace, with power and on purpose. Return to your life with a renewed sense of rootedness and readiness. Experience the grounding effects of an Earth Mutther Healing, LLC Getaway. 

*Healing Waters Getaway – 5-day experience of healing near water (location changes). 

*Healing Grove Getaway – Weekend experience of healing near trees (location changes).

*A Moment in Silence – Weekend getaway reconnecting in silence. San Antonio. 

Check our events page for upcoming getaways!


Contact us today to learn more and schedule an individual (one-on-one) or group (limited to 3 women) getaway.


Sankofa: History Heals reveals the power of African/Black people by recounting and revealing our history! It provides participants with ways and means for learning more about their personal history and our collective history and thus, themselves. Most of us were not taught true Black History in school. Not knowing this history has robbed us of the awareness and understanding of the powerful people that we come from and the powerful people that we are.

History is healing. In going back to fetch (Sankofa) our history, participants will connect with the power of the past, while tapping into their own personal power.  There is something very empowering and healing about knowing who you are and whose you are!

Stepping Stones is for girls of African ancestry ages 7-9.  It is designed to provide them with an early foundation of positive, powerful, and culturally rooted guidance.  The earlier children are exposed self-affirming and accepting information and environments, the more secure they become in who they are.  The topics covered include history & culture, family, education, responsibility, hygiene and more. 

Tweening assists girls of African ancestry ages 10-12 (tweens) with finding comfort in their changing bodies, roles, and responsibilities   It also provides tools (knowledge) to assist them along their path as they transition into the onset of young womanhood. The topics covered include history & culture, identity, body changes, education and more.  The workshop helps them navigate through their tween years and prepares them for their teen years!

Teening provides teenage girls of African ancestry with information that assists them as they transition from girls to women. The experience offers them a safe space to learn and discuss issues that pertain to their growth and development as girls transforming into women. The topics covered include history & culture, identity, relationships, communication, college and career paths, peer pressure and more.  This powerful workshop helps our youth with stepping into their womanhood with a confident stride!

Stepping Into Womanhood – The Workshop is a condensed version of the Stepping Into Womanhood Guidance and Support Program.  It is designed to help women of African ancestry discover, define, and determine who they are and want to be.  It provides participants with the opportunity to take a courageous and honest look at themselves while taking a self-inventory. This workshop opens the way for the “unearthing” process that the guidance and support program experience.  IT’S ALL ABOUT TAKING THE FIRST STEP!

Stepping Into Motherhood assists women of African ancestry prepare for (or move through) their role as mother.  The cultural, historical, spiritual and traditional aspects of motherhood are discussed during the workshop.  In addition, tips and suggestions for child-rearing, home management, and character-building are addressed.  As the first teacher, the African mother must be equipped for her important role.  This workshop provides important information that allows women of African ancestry to mother with assurance.


Wedding Officiant

There is a growing number of couples who are choosing non traditional ways of sacredly uniting. Some want a more spiritual union. Others want a more Afrikan-centered  ceremony. Still others want both. Earth Mutther is excited to play a role in the divine union of couples of Afrikan ancestry who seek a spiritual and/or Afrikan-centered wedding ceremony.