An EarthMutther Introduction to Chakras and Reiki Touch Therapy


Reiki is classified as touch therapy energy medicine because it brings balance, harmony and high vibration to your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual condition.  It assists with bringing balance to life and health.  It balances negative energy which blocks areas and makes the body stagnant.  Energy medicine reduces and alleviates all types of stress.  It helps rid the body of energetic and physical toxins.  It unblocks and redirects the energy for many ailments and enhances the body’s natural ability to heal.  Reiki can assist with dissipating negative thinking through mental relaxation.  Touch Therapy provides an opportunity to experience states of mental, physical and emotional peace.  Reiki can assist in restoring peace, balance and health to the mind, body and spirit through chakra therapy.


Chakras, cone-shaped energy centers, spin and vibrate within the body.  There are 7 major chakras throughout the body, which regulate the energy entering and flowing throughout the physical body.  They may “open” or “close” at will based on various factors of everyday living. These factors affect our mental, physical and spiritual state of being. Blocked or closed chakras may manifest as fear, imbalance, low self-worth, powerlessness, emotional instability, confusion, frustration, isolation, anxiety and more.  When you know which chakras are opened or closed you can address the manifestations associated with them and work toward their opening.  If you seek to restore balance, relieve pain and/or reduce stress, or any of the feelings noted above, contact me for a chakra reading, summarization and optional scheduling of a Reiki session.

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  1. Lori says:

    Traci, I love Reiki. I am converting my car into a camper and will be traveling very soon. It would be so great if I could come and receive a Reiki session from you. In the meantime, please let me know when your store is open!

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