Earth Mutther Healing

A Holistic Healing Grove

Earth Mutther Healing

A Holistic Healing Grove

Earth Mutther Services

Chakra Reading and Distance Reiki Available
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Stepping into Womanhood
Guided Assistance on the Path of Black Womanhood
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Holistic Doula Services
Prenatal, Birth, and Postpartum Support
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The science and art of harnessing spiritual energy for healing and wellbeing is ancient.  Earth Mutther Healing, LLC’s Naturopathic Reiki services address the client’s holistic state of wellbeing through energy healing and more.

This culturally-rooted, 12-session experience assists women of African descent discover, define and determine themselves holistically.  The investment in self provides life-long dividends.

As you prepare to bring new life into the world, knowledgeable, wise and compassionate doula support can be the positive energy needed to ensure your pregnancy journey is holistically healthy.

Earth Mutther Healing, LLC’s getaways provide women of African descent an opportunity to withdraw from the day-to-day demands and stresses of life to feed the mind, body and spirit in a safe and sacred space.


Earth Mutther Healing, LLC’s workshops offer participants a wealth of information that can enhance their quality of living.  All information is centered in the African experience (whether here in America or throughout the Diaspora).

Who is Earth Mutther?

Yalonna* Brooks is a divine creation centered in her calling to assist people of African descent who are in need of spiritual, emotional, physical and mental healing.  While her roles have been many and varied, Yalonna embraces whatever role the Creator and Ancestors call her to carry out. It is in her day-to-day living that she strives to center her spirit, expand her mind, cultivate her character, and honor her temple through prayer, mediation, study, conscious kindness, and a holistically healthy lifestyle.

Yalonna is a Certified Naturopathic Reiki Practitioner, a Certified Holistic Doula, a Community Certified Life Guide, and a Certified Mental Health First Aider. She is an African-centered woman who is continuously “becoming”.

As a teacher-student-guide, Yalonna Brooks is committed to sharing knowledge, wisdom and understanding, as well as a healing hand to those who seek to attain holistic balance in their lives. Whether it is through energy healing, support during pregnancy and birth, “unearthing” self, or taking time out to silently retreat, Yalonna Brooks and Earth Mutther Healing, LLC are dedicated to providing life-enhancing services, classes, programs and workshops.

*After spending 10 days in meditation and silence, Traci Y. Brooks emerged from that space and time compelled to use her middle name Yalonna going forward.  Yalonna is the name created and given to her by her father who is now in the ancestral realm. It reflects the gentleness and flow of her spirit and connects her to her father in a spiritually healing way.

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Elisha Brown Avatar
Elisha Brown

Mama Yalonna guided and supported me through my pregnancy, postpartum and overall transition into motherhood. Her Kindness, Love, and healing presence was exactly what I needed during the emotional and physical challenges. I am beyond grateful that I was led to her for doula services and I would highly recommend her to any and all future mothers and families.


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